Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Beginning of Flappers Comedy Club.

So many of you have been asking Dave and I about our idea to create a comedy club over the past year so I decided to start a blog to document what we have been going through to get a comedy club started. First you should know that Dave and I met in Comedy Class about 13 years ago and since then have both been professional stand up comedians About 9 years ago I produced a comedy festival in North Hollywood and began managing and booking comedians. We also started producing a comedy contest called Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest which still continues to run at the Ice House. All the while we have been looking for a location for a comedy club. Dave mostly , but consistently.

About a year ago, we came across a very promising space in Pomona, CA. I know, Pomona...and we live in Burbank, but at a cost of about 70 cents a square foot, the city behind the project and an old opera house to convert, it all seemed very promising. We came up with a great business plan- And decided to called the club Flappers Comedy Club. We got very excited about the idea "Still Celebrating the Repeal of Prohibition" we came up with drink ideas, and discussed food and service, wrote it all down and got ready to go. I owned another business called Digital Design LA which handles technology needs and training for Entertainment Companies, I found someone to run that business and then put my brain full speed ahead on the comedy club. We even raised a good deal of investment $$ from friends and family. This particular space required a BUILD OUT which means we would have actually had to build the kitchen ourselves, the bar, the stage the offices everything. Yes with some help from the landlords, but a lengthy process all the same. Anyway we seemed to be moving full steam ahead, but then...the economy tanked, so we decided to re-evaluate the plan and possibly look a little closer to home. More soon.



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