Monday, February 22, 2010

Flappers Comedy Club Updates


There is so much to tell you, and I apologize for not keeping you better updated, unfortunately we cannot always disclose everything that has been going on with the opening of the Flappers Comedy Club. There have been many ups and down, many setbacks, many unkept promises. But there's still hope- Some good news - we have had some new investors come on board- including Chuck Cusumano (One of the biggest Real Estate Developers in Burbank.)
What I can tell you right now is that we are deep into negotiations with the Brinker Corp to take over and Old Macaroni Grill space and a lease in the downtown Burbank area on the corner of 1st and Magnolia. We have also put in a proposal to the City of Burbank Economic Development Dept to assist us with funding. We should find out in about 3 weeks whether or not the funding will come through. In the meantime we are not letting up. To keep things rolling and as a backup plan, and or possibly a Secondary Club plan, we are still working with the Tessier folks out in the Pomona/Claremont area and are working on deal in the Claremont Packing/House. So perhaps after two years on this project- low and behold we might actually end up with two clubs. Go figure! Either way we expect and plan to open this year! More details to follow. Stay Tuned.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Were still working on it!

Well to everyone who has been watching this we are closer than ever to opening our Comedy Club. This has been the longest project in history. When I think about it we have really been working on this project for more than 10 years we have looked at probably 1000 different locations and each one seems to "not be right" for one reason or another. Well we may have actually found our DREAM location. But now we just have to get the buy in from the landlords. Once again I can't release TMI yet until we've actually signed the lease. But I think before the end of this year. You will be hearing more about Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank CA. Stay Tuned.....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Waiting to Tell ALL!!!

OK so much to tell you about what we've been going through with the Sale of the Old Mr B's basically we're on it- I can't reveal too much until after we have all the purchase information completed.... But its in progress...In the meantime something I thought you all might find both appalling and strange...In filing for an Entertainment Permit with the city of Burbank I cam across this very strange clause..I think I'll leave it up to you all to decide but I personally think its a human right violation. Thanks goodness we're not having dancing... otherwise I might go crazy on this one.... But I heard a rumor that they might be creating a new clause just for us "No two comedians shall be permitted to tell jokes on the same stage unless they are of the opposite sex.!" Crazy

Friday, July 3, 2009

We're buying a business! I think!

Good news this fourth of July Weekend....well sort of... This is one of the most confusing and messy business transactions I've ever been involved with but perhaps that could work in our favor! . Meaning we could end up getting a really great deal....Because anything you end up trying to buy in a divorce settlement can not be pretty!

We have been told by attorneys that we have been granted the right to buy the business...And we have actually signed a business escrow deal, but both of the divorcing parties need to sign the papers too and that seems to be a little more complicated. But now on to the escrow papers etc. We have lots to do! For now lets just celebrate the 4th of July- But Come Monday- We're doing inspections, and talking to our food guys to seal the deal... My Amazing publicist is coming to town and if all goes according to plan we could be open by September! Thanks goodness everyone we know is a comedian...i.e our Attorney, our Architect, our Furniture refinisher, our handyman. Stage time can be very valuable. Stay Tuned. Rock it on with some Fireworks!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Go out of town and good things will happen!

OK, so Dave and I had decided not to take a vacation until we signed a lease on a comedy club, but New York was calling and we decided to take a quick trip back east to visit family, and what do you know literally 2 hours after we arrive we get a call from the attorney that the bid we put in on Mr's B's was accepted by both divorce attorneys and that the place can be ours... Now cut back to yesterday Thursday before we left. We had already made a decent bid on the space...but we kept getting pressure by the attorneys and powers that be that there were two other offers on the table and that they were significantly closer to the asking price that the buyers were asking for... So in a pressure to stay in the game we actually upped our offer and sent it in merely an hour before getting on the plane. We don't feel the place is really worth as much as we offered but, in order to stay in the bidding we decide to "play along" and obviously it paid off in our favor... But now the negotiations begin.

Our kitchen partners are in...we will get back on this On Tuesday when we arrive home. In the meantime its time to spend some time with family clear our heads and get ready for our new venture!

Get ready to laugh!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mr B's Saga Continues

OK so we're still in the running. But heres the scoop,

somehow a bid actually came in that was greater than ours. We're shocked quite frankly...I mean the place needs works...See pics, that junk pile you see is actually a patio! We have hope and passion and really think we can make this place work. The attorney has told us that there is still hope. It seems the other offer has a bunch on contingencies and our is CASH! and Quick. So we're crossing our fingers and we should know more on all this this week. :) In the meantime we have this offer in and the offer in Santa Monica still pending. Please someone, anyone in commercial real estate want to give us a chance. We have a solid Business Plan, Money in the bank and years of actually business experience. Will our dreams ever come true? Will our hard work actually pay off?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well we came across a really nice little cabaret space available in Burbank called Mr. B's . IT DEFINITELY needs work....See pic

Its small will prbabaly only seat about 100 and needs a lot of clean up but the good news is...its already got a 47 liquor licence and the kitchen is spectacular and ready to go.... we need to clear out a lot of garbage and do some cosmetics- paint carpet, some small walls and lots of trash clean up...BUT the location is spectacular located right next to Frontier Wok on Hollywood Way- ON the way to the Burbank airport and right around the street from our house. The Boyz in the Kitchen love it--- so we have our kitchen folks on board- quite frankly the scoop is we will probably grow out of this very quickly..:)

Stay Tuned---we are very excited and will be making an offer on this one...They are asking 200K... but really it's just an alcoholics bar..... we'll see what kind of offer we can make them and scoop it up--the rent is reasonable and no Triple Net or any other surprises. We figured why not scoop this one up and make it a super cool small space that would be in big overhead just a nice small comedy club and bar with excellent food and drink....and maybe we go for two clubs....FLAPPERS BURBANK, and Flappers Santa Monica.