Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mr B's Saga Continues

OK so we're still in the running. But heres the scoop,

somehow a bid actually came in that was greater than ours. We're shocked quite frankly...I mean the place needs works...See pics, that junk pile you see is actually a patio! We have hope and passion and really think we can make this place work. The attorney has told us that there is still hope. It seems the other offer has a bunch on contingencies and our is CASH! and Quick. So we're crossing our fingers and we should know more on all this this week. :) In the meantime we have this offer in and the offer in Santa Monica still pending. Please someone, anyone in commercial real estate want to give us a chance. We have a solid Business Plan, Money in the bank and years of actually business experience. Will our dreams ever come true? Will our hard work actually pay off?


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