Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flappers at the Santa Monica Pier

So we were truly devastated that we have not been accepted to lease the Burbank Space. In an effort to make ourselves feel a little better we drive down to look at a space in Santa Monica, and amazingly stumble across a space on the pier. For those of you who have lived in LA for a while you might know this space as an old Jazz Club run by Ed Hardy I believe. Its a really nice cabaret space that could work for our Flappers Concept. There is cosmetic work to be done, we need to fix up the offices, put in new carpet paint and all that but structurally its perfect. We really like the feel of this space it seems welcoming and that it might attract a nice tourist business. I hope we get this space. We have put in a proposal to the City of Santa Monica but haven't heard back yet- I will all tommorrow. Here are some Pics ..


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