Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well we came across a really nice little cabaret space available in Burbank called Mr. B's . IT DEFINITELY needs work....See pic

Its small will prbabaly only seat about 100 and needs a lot of clean up but the good news is...its already got a 47 liquor licence and the kitchen is spectacular and ready to go.... we need to clear out a lot of garbage and do some cosmetics- paint carpet, some small walls and lots of trash clean up...BUT the location is spectacular located right next to Frontier Wok on Hollywood Way- ON the way to the Burbank airport and right around the street from our house. The Boyz in the Kitchen love it--- so we have our kitchen folks on board- quite frankly the scoop is we will probably grow out of this very quickly..:)

Stay Tuned---we are very excited and will be making an offer on this one...They are asking 200K... but really it's just an alcoholics bar..... we'll see what kind of offer we can make them and scoop it up--the rent is reasonable and no Triple Net or any other surprises. We figured why not scoop this one up and make it a super cool small space that would be in big overhead just a nice small comedy club and bar with excellent food and drink....and maybe we go for two clubs....FLAPPERS BURBANK, and Flappers Santa Monica.


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