Friday, July 3, 2009

We're buying a business! I think!

Good news this fourth of July Weekend....well sort of... This is one of the most confusing and messy business transactions I've ever been involved with but perhaps that could work in our favor! . Meaning we could end up getting a really great deal....Because anything you end up trying to buy in a divorce settlement can not be pretty!

We have been told by attorneys that we have been granted the right to buy the business...And we have actually signed a business escrow deal, but both of the divorcing parties need to sign the papers too and that seems to be a little more complicated. But now on to the escrow papers etc. We have lots to do! For now lets just celebrate the 4th of July- But Come Monday- We're doing inspections, and talking to our food guys to seal the deal... My Amazing publicist is coming to town and if all goes according to plan we could be open by September! Thanks goodness everyone we know is a comedian...i.e our Attorney, our Architect, our Furniture refinisher, our handyman. Stage time can be very valuable. Stay Tuned. Rock it on with some Fireworks!


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