Friday, June 26, 2009

Go out of town and good things will happen!

OK, so Dave and I had decided not to take a vacation until we signed a lease on a comedy club, but New York was calling and we decided to take a quick trip back east to visit family, and what do you know literally 2 hours after we arrive we get a call from the attorney that the bid we put in on Mr's B's was accepted by both divorce attorneys and that the place can be ours... Now cut back to yesterday Thursday before we left. We had already made a decent bid on the space...but we kept getting pressure by the attorneys and powers that be that there were two other offers on the table and that they were significantly closer to the asking price that the buyers were asking for... So in a pressure to stay in the game we actually upped our offer and sent it in merely an hour before getting on the plane. We don't feel the place is really worth as much as we offered but, in order to stay in the bidding we decide to "play along" and obviously it paid off in our favor... But now the negotiations begin.

Our kitchen partners are in...we will get back on this On Tuesday when we arrive home. In the meantime its time to spend some time with family clear our heads and get ready for our new venture!

Get ready to laugh!



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