Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well we came across a really nice little cabaret space available in Burbank called Mr. B's . IT DEFINITELY needs work....See pic

Its small will prbabaly only seat about 100 and needs a lot of clean up but the good news is...its already got a 47 liquor licence and the kitchen is spectacular and ready to go.... we need to clear out a lot of garbage and do some cosmetics- paint carpet, some small walls and lots of trash clean up...BUT the location is spectacular located right next to Frontier Wok on Hollywood Way- ON the way to the Burbank airport and right around the street from our house. The Boyz in the Kitchen love it--- so we have our kitchen folks on board- quite frankly the scoop is we will probably grow out of this very quickly..:)

Stay Tuned---we are very excited and will be making an offer on this one...They are asking 200K... but really it's just an alcoholics bar..... we'll see what kind of offer we can make them and scoop it up--the rent is reasonable and no Triple Net or any other surprises. We figured why not scoop this one up and make it a super cool small space that would be in big overhead just a nice small comedy club and bar with excellent food and drink....and maybe we go for two clubs....FLAPPERS BURBANK, and Flappers Santa Monica.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Santa Monica Looks Promising- BUT!! not till june

So this all takes so much longer than I ever anticipated we got the word that we are "IN THE RUNNING" fo the City of Snata Monica Pier space....however now we have been told that they will not be making adecision until LATE june...Uuugghh its crazy we want to put down money and no one will have us.. CRAZY!

In the meantime we are going to look an yet ANOTHER space in burbank today...that is very lowe end--but our Flappers Conncept will work there---with a lot of renovations on the building paint carpert signage, walls deconstruction.... but the rent is cheaper and we can be in Burbank where we want to be.... Stay tuned...going at 3pm to look at the space...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flappers at the Santa Monica Pier

So we were truly devastated that we have not been accepted to lease the Burbank Space. In an effort to make ourselves feel a little better we drive down to look at a space in Santa Monica, and amazingly stumble across a space on the pier. For those of you who have lived in LA for a while you might know this space as an old Jazz Club run by Ed Hardy I believe. Its a really nice cabaret space that could work for our Flappers Concept. There is cosmetic work to be done, we need to fix up the offices, put in new carpet paint and all that but structurally its perfect. We really like the feel of this space it seems welcoming and that it might attract a nice tourist business. I hope we get this space. We have put in a proposal to the City of Santa Monica but haven't heard back yet- I will all tommorrow. Here are some Pics ..

The Tony Roma's Space

So we found this great location in Burbank- It right in the heart of downtown, near the amc theatre PEREFCT LOCATION. It's an old Tony Romas that went out after their lease expired. Nothing has been consistent in the space for the past 6 years a few different restaurant concepts went in and out but no one really being successful. This space looks great we look at it it has two rooms a downstairs area kind of a speakeasy thats hold about 85 and an upstairs room that will hold about 175 or so. We even get our favorite caterers to sign on as our food partners. A few weeks have gone by and our proposal to rent the space has not been accepted. So we search else where... Santa monica Here we come...

The Beginning of Flappers Comedy Club.

So many of you have been asking Dave and I about our idea to create a comedy club over the past year so I decided to start a blog to document what we have been going through to get a comedy club started. First you should know that Dave and I met in Comedy Class about 13 years ago and since then have both been professional stand up comedians About 9 years ago I produced a comedy festival in North Hollywood and began managing and booking comedians. We also started producing a comedy contest called Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest which still continues to run at the Ice House. All the while we have been looking for a location for a comedy club. Dave mostly , but consistently.

About a year ago, we came across a very promising space in Pomona, CA. I know, Pomona...and we live in Burbank, but at a cost of about 70 cents a square foot, the city behind the project and an old opera house to convert, it all seemed very promising. We came up with a great business plan- And decided to called the club Flappers Comedy Club. We got very excited about the idea "Still Celebrating the Repeal of Prohibition" we came up with drink ideas, and discussed food and service, wrote it all down and got ready to go. I owned another business called Digital Design LA which handles technology needs and training for Entertainment Companies, I found someone to run that business and then put my brain full speed ahead on the comedy club. We even raised a good deal of investment $$ from friends and family. This particular space required a BUILD OUT which means we would have actually had to build the kitchen ourselves, the bar, the stage the offices everything. Yes with some help from the landlords, but a lengthy process all the same. Anyway we seemed to be moving full steam ahead, but then...the economy tanked, so we decided to re-evaluate the plan and possibly look a little closer to home. More soon.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Trying to buy a comedy club

Who would have thought that it would be so difficult to actually obtain a lease for a comedy club? This blog is an attempt to help anyone who has not gone through this process. Enjoy the read.